Attack on Titan Previews: Victory at What Cost?

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Hello once again, everyone!

Welcome to Week #2 of our 2-part spoiler for the newest set for MetaX – Attack on Titan!

Those of you who have seen the show will no doubt understand that sometimes victory can be a bittersweet ordeal. Circumstances can change dramatically from planning to execution, so it’s up to you to know when sacrifices must be made for the betterment of all and when it’s time to tuck your tail between your legs and leave before the body count piles higher.

Today we will be looking at several “game changers” – both big and small – that could help turn the tide of battle in your favor. However, without the proper planning, several of them could be stranded in your hand or put you further behind than your opponent.

It will take a true tactician to see these plans through. Are you up for the task?

A Beautiful Mind

Our first preview today comes as our only character for this list – Armin Arlelt – Young Genius.

Don’t let his small frame fool you, Armin is packing a ton of value here! At +4 MP and 3 Stats, this Cadet isn’t going to be going down without a fight. Likewise, should you be smart enough to build around it, Armin’s Constant Effect negates the effects of all rank 1 or 2 Battle Cards!

With so many utility Battle Cards sitting at low ranks, this could turn your opponent’s gameplan completely on its head if timed correctly. This is a character I would definitely keep my eye on as the meta develops!

Passed the Breaking Point

Sometimes the fight can really take it out of you. You find yourself on the field for too long. Your mind starts to wander; you lose your edge. Then suddenly, you find yourself without a leg to stand on. In these intense times, it’s important to keep yourself focused on the goal at hand.

Our next preview – a very interesting Event – may be just the tool you’re looking for.

At no cost, Exhaustion forces each player to search their deck for a Character or Event and discard it. While this may sound like a strange card at first, we have already seen a number of cards that can take advantage of having the right character in your discard pile at the right time.

Not to mention, at face value, this card can easily be used to remove an unnecessary tech card out of your deck, making your draws more consistent for the match at hand, while possibly putting your opponent in an awkward situation.

What if their deck is not designed to recur characters or events out of their discard pile? Suddenly they are forced to remove an active piece of their puzzle from their potential draws.

Certainly something interesting to think about.

The Fight Rages On

If I were a betting man, my guess would be that this card is a prime example of the determination of the Cadet Corps. Being able to dig in and find the will to continue the fight even after the tank seems empty.

While Perseverance does come at a pretty hefty cost of -6 MP, don’t let that deter you, as you will immediately recoup 3MP and have the potential of drawing 3 cards!

3 cards for 3 MP is way above the curve (I’m looking at you Upper Hand). So if you can set this up, you’ll have plenty of staying power against anything your opponent throws at you.

The Tough Choices

Our last event for today puts us in a bit of a bind. And yet it’s a tool that I think many decks will be happy to include at the same time.

Painful Choice forces each player to KO a character they control. At -5MP this fills a very similar role as Knockout and several others that have come along.

The interesting part of this card comes in the fact that you are not targeting a character outright with this card. Meaning if your opponent has a character that cannot be targeted on an otherwise empty board, you can still force them to KO that character!

Likewise, you may put your opponent in an awkward guessing game as to which of their Characters is really not holding their own on the board at the moment. Another great use for this card is the fact that you may be able to convince your opponent to KO a character that had a Battle Card attached that you were hoping to recur through other means in your hand.

While this card may seem like mostly a “side-grade” to other similar effects, don’t be surprised if your opponent doesn’t know which character is worth losing. Any time you put the ball in your opponent’s court it’s another opportunity for them to make a mistake. And that is certainly worth 5MP to find out.


A vital part of combat is knowing the right time to strike. Feign tactics are a crucial part of making sure that final blow hits its target and hard!

This new Spc 1 Defense Battle Card can really turn the tide in your favor if your opponent gets a bit too careless in battle.

At -3MP being able to take their Battle Card (or any card currently on the defender) and move it over to any character can be just the KO punch you were looking for!

Now of course, the downside to that is that the defending Character has to not end up KO’d themselves, as the effect doesn’t go off until the end of the turn. But with so many characters running around with huge HP thanks to the Titan stat increase, it shouldn’t be too hard to let them take a hit before turning it back around and dishing it back out!

Definitely something to consider with this card is the fact that no longer is it safe to play a Character and keep it out of combat while the rest of your team attacks. Thanks to this new defensive option, even those unwilling to put in the effort may find themselves in a world of hurt!


Our next preview should find a home in many decks – both new and old. Keeping your board filled is something that any player would agree is vital to success. With the growing number of strategies present for building your board quickly, this next battle card should almost never be blank in the right hands.

At an impressive oMP, you’ll be able to trigger this Spc 5 much more frequently than not to draw 2 cards.

What’s important to note is that they do not have to be your characters that entered played this turn! Meaning if your opponent is on a similar strategy of building their board quickly, you’ll be able to capitalize for their hard effort, even on the defense.

Now that is some serious punishment for your opponent.

Calculated Strike

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have an attack Battle Card that is sure to find it’s way into any Int-based deck (especially many of those looking to deal with the bottom of their deck!).

This Int 2 allows you to take the best card from among the top 4 of your deck and place it into your hand before placing the rest on the bottom in any order. And all for the low cost of 0MP!

Now for any of you out there that have played Magic before, you’ll likely know that Impulse is a fantastic card. While not generating any card advantage (as you are staying 1 for 1 on cards), it does allow you blitz through several possible draws immediately to find exactly what you are looking for right now.

To be able to do this at no cost is nothing to sneeze at! Especially when you take into account the amount of “bottom of deck” mechanics showcased in this set. This card is certainly going to be a workhorse for pulling those strategies together!

The Walls Won’t Stand Forever

We’re only a few short days from the March 30th release of Attack on Titan!

With so much to take in, what factions are you most excited for? Are you ready to stand with the last of humanity or do you find yourself surging with the untapped raw power of the Titans?

Or will you be one of the few that looks to combine forces with those across the multiverse to create a pairing beyond time and space?

Only time will tell which of these strategies will pan out, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what decks we’re likely to see!

Thanks once again for checking out our previews.

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. Just remember, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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