Attack on Titan Previews: Riders on the Storm

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Welcome! Welcome!

In keeping true with our namesake, we’ve finally returned to this realm once again! But this not the world that we left you in. No things have taken a much darker turn, my friends.

So come inside, and prepare yourselves for the world in which we find ourselves today. A world of behemoths. Of unstoppable killing machines. Of Titans and those brave (or foolish) enough to stand against them.

With a shorter preview season this time around, we’ll be breaking down our info into two articles, which means more cards to think about sooner! So the only question you’ll have to ask yourself is:

What side will you be on?

First Line of Defense

The Scout Regiment is by far the most important in terms of contact with these monsters. It is their duty to put themselves in harm’s way in order to gather the necessary information for battling these beasts and finding out not only their weaknesses, but where they come from.

For this group to succeed, they must be swift, tactical & thorough if they wish to make it back to the safety of the walls (or what little safety they bring these days).

And so this Regiment takes a special kind of person, one such being Erwin Smith – Commanding Presence.

We can see here that Erwin comes prepared to put it all on the line. With 7 Int, +2 MP and a Constant Ability that allows you to draw a card whenever he preps, he is sure to keep his wits about him while gathering the information you need to put your opponent away.

Heart and Soul

*Show Spoiler Below*

This next character is a personal favorite of mine. So much so, that when she met her abrupt end while dealing with the female titan, my roommates and I were so devastated that we changed our wifi settings to “The Petra Mourning House” and only referred to our home as such for the next several years of living together.

You know you have lost a great soul when your world can be shattered in less than 5 seconds of screen time. But it’s better to dwell on the good things, and not the tragic, so I’d like to present you with Petra Rall – Kind Scout.

While she may come with a pretty standard array of stats and only +1MP, her Push Ability really shows you how far kindness can get you. Not only do you get to see the full contents of your opponent’s hand, but you get to draw a card for each Event they have!

So not only are you aware of what to expect, but you just might find the tools to disarm their strategy all-together!

Hold Your Ground

A crucial part of being able to succeed as part of the Scout Regiment is having keen “fight or flight” instincts. It’s quite simple to want to run when you find yourself staring down one of these walking abominations, but sometimes you need to press your luck and complete your mission for the sake of those waiting back at home.

The card Stability is a great example of knowing when it’s time to dig in and get things done.

With this flexible tool, you’ll be able to push yourself to the necessary MP threshold to unleash your well thought-out plans or have the ability to search deeper for the information you need to win. Though two simple effects, it’s the flexibility of this card that really shows off what it means to be a Scout.

Push Your Advantage

Another key element for being a good Scout is knowing when to force your opponent into a difficult decision. Anyone can come up with a plan of attack, but what does it mean when you’re forced to think on your feet?

Will you stand firm on the decisions you’ve laid out for yourself? Or will you allow yourself to become more fluid to stop the advancement of your enemy? This is the sort of tool at the disposal of the Scouts, and Str 5 – U94-AT proves it.

While not many Scouts are representing a high Str value at the moment, there are certainly tools out there to allow your team to take full advantage of what this card has to offer.

For the Greater Good

When ultimate survival is on the line, sometimes it takes an ultimate sacrifice to accomplish what needs to be done. As a Scout, it is your duty to gauge when the safety of others is more important than your own.

Str 2 – C40-AT shows that sometimes you have to be willing to put your life on the line to get the information back to those that need it most.

At +2MP and the ability to clear up a character slot, this may be one of the more impressive draw battle cards to date. The downside being that you may open yourself up for a counter-attack; but sometimes it’s worth the risk to ensure that your ability to fight can rage on.

Watch Each Other’s Backs

On the other side of the coin, it takes Scouts looking out for each other to make sure that a mission is successful. All it takes is one person to step in at the right time to have a plan come together perfectly.

While on the attack, one can lose sight of how important your own safety can be for the survival of the whole group. Luckily, Int 3 – U87-AT provides you with that team coordination that is so vital for securing your victory over your enemy.

Coming in again at +2MP, this defensive battle card allows you to make a potentially bold attack without losing any of the necessary defensive capability of your team. Being able to defend, then prep one of your characters to make another defense is certainly nothing to sneeze at, and could very well swing the tide of battle in your favor.

Ready to Ride

Speed is also a vital piece of the Scout Regiment’s arsenal. Knowing when it’s time to strike without opening yourself up to your opponent’s counter-assault will save you a lot of heartbreak at the end of the day.

Luckily, with their trusted steeds, the Scouts can move in and out of a situation even under the most dire of circumstances.

Int1 – C33-AT is the perfect example of what makes the Scouts such an important piece to the survival of humanity. Being able to strike out of nowhere to accomplish their goal and return to defend will go a long way to secure a victory.

The On-Going Struggle

Thanks for checking out today’s article. Hopefully you’ve begun to see the power of the human spirit in comparison to the raw strength that the Titans have to offer.

Join me next week as we close out our two-part preview discussion for Attack on Titan.

With all the previews swirling around, this is definitely looking to be an exciting set and an interesting addition to the meta as a whole.

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. But remember, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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