GL Set Preview: It’s the Simple Things…

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Hey everyone, it’s Thursday! Which means it’s time for some more Green Lantern previews!

Today however is a special Thursday. For those of you reading who celebrate, you’ll likely know that today is Thanksgiving! Today is a day for coming together with those close to you and reminding yourselves how much you have to be thankful for. I know that I am personally very thankful to be a part of so many great CCG communities, and so, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

This will be our final preview article for the season at The Oblivion Bar, and with so many crazy things going on with different factions and deck types, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of the simpler things that MetaX has to offer.

But just because they are simple does not mean they are any less powerful. So let’s take a look.

Back to Basics

Now here is something interesting that we have yet to see in the game. At face value this seems like a fairly straight-forward Battle Card. A Spc 5 for +0 MP is nothing to write home about, but can definitely get the job done. However, when we take into account the fact that it comes with the unique ability to draw a card for each Basic Battle Card that has been played this turn, suddenly this card takes on a whole new light!

For those who may be wondering, a Basic Battle Card is any Battle Card that has no rules text whatsoever on it. Just some number of Stats, a Rank and an MP cost (either positive or negative).

As of right now, the only cards that fit this criteria are the Battle Cards found in any of the Justice League Starters, AND, a single Battle Card from the Justice League Set proper: that card being Str/Int/Spc 4 – U94-JL!

Now you may be saying to yourself, “Okay. That’s all fine and good. But why would I want to load my deck full of Basic Battle Cards?” And, to be fair, up until now there hasn’t really been a reason to. For some time now I have been contemplating the pros and cons of running Basic Battle Cards in a Constructed Deck since before the first set released. While they do not come with amazing powers, they are often the best MP “bang for your buck” when it comes to a particular Rank. But is that really worth it?

Well perhaps; perhaps not. But I can give you one solid example where it would be useful: Draft!

That’s right! As you might recall, when drafting MetaX, you are allowed to fill your deck with any number of Basic Battle Cards once the draft portion is over. If you happen to find yourself drafting a Spc-centric deck and you see one or two of these floating around the draft table (as it is only a common, after-all), my advice would be to SNATCH THEM UP QUICK!

I don’t think you’ll be able to find a single card in a draft scenario that can give you the amount of raw card draw potential present on this Battle Card. And the crazy part about this card is that it counts both your and your opponent’s Basic Battle Cards played before this one in the Battle! Oh, and it just so happens to be good on the attack and on defense!

Now that is really something to be thankful for!

Testing the Waters

Remember way back a few months ago when things were simpler? When there wasn’t a full spectrum of color to choose from for each character, but just whether you found yourself on the side of good or evil?

Hal Jordan remembers.

Hal Jordan – Former Test Pilot is a breath of fresh air bursting from behind the giant cloud that is the different Lantern Corps. As a humble Hero Character, you won’t have to worry about how many different factions are in your deck to get the full value of this card. He’s here to put in some good, honest work, no matter what deck strategy he finds himself in.

At +3 MP and two decent Stat Values, Hal makes sure that the game reaches its natural conclusion, all the while costing you no down-side and gently speeding up your opponent’s clock.

With the Constant Power of drawing each player a card whenever Hal pushes to attack, you never have to worry about your hand dwindling while Hal is on the scene. And while he will draw your opponent a card as well (potentially giving them a card to defend with), he also slowly lessens the amount of time your opponent has before decking themselves.

And with the help of cards like Krypto, Bane, and the number of Str-based Battle Cards that draw/force your opponent to discard cards from their deck, it’s very possible that the “bonus” from Hal to your opponent could start to feel a lot more like a burden of guilt quick!

The Reason for the Season is Pleasin’

That’s it from the Bar today, everyone! I hope you have enjoyed our articles this preview season, and I hope they have helped to get you excited for the plethora of decks coming down the pipeline very soon!

I hope to be able to bring you some early deck ideas in our Investigating the Meta series again shortly once the full set has been released, and look forward to playing more games again in the near future!

So for those of you celebrating today, let’s raise a toast to a festive day and a great set to follow! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving at the bar. Just remember, there’s a two drink minimum.

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