GL Set Previews: A Carousel of Colors

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It’s pretty safe to say that the most exciting part about this upcoming set is the number of factions that are presented in it. With so many different Lantern Corps to pick and choice from in Green Lantern there is no real end to the number of dedicated or mixed strategies that are likely to pop up from them all. Then if you take into account the Heroes and Villains from Justice League, you’ll find yourself in an unending cascade of possibilities!

You may have noticed the lack of Characters spoiled so far by the Bar, but today we will be looking to amend that!

Today’s article is dedicated to showing off a few different Lantern Corps and what to expect from them. Some we have seen spoiled from the Main Site, but at least one presented here is the first of his kind (at least to the best of my knowledge!).

So without further adieu, let’s dive into a few different aspects of the spectrum!

Fear Itself

For those of you that are looking for a solution to board stalls, this may be the best to date! While your opponent will get a turn to prepare for the effect (unless you are playing cards like Lantern Synergy that was spoiled here earlier!), this powerhouse has the ability to get rid of any sort of engine your opponent may have going as well as clear your field for some much needed character upgrades.

Now while this will cost you the Anti-Monitor himself joining your opponent’s VP Pile, with effects like Dr. Fate or Sleight of Hand, he is just a moment’s notice away from coming back and ruining your opponent’s fun all over again!

His one major downside comes at the +1MP and single stat of Spc 7, meaning that you’re very unlikely to block with this character unless you absolutely have to.

Otherwise though, a very solid card, and one that really feels like it has the Sinestro Corp philosophy figured out perfectly!

What’s Mine is Mine

But what do you do to a man that fears nothing but having his prized possessions taken from him and will stop it at all cost? Like say, Hal Jordan – Insatiable Greed?

This card’s constant effect can be a complete game changer against the right deck!

Being able to turn off any effects used by your opponent (and unfortunately yourself) that would gain a player VP outside of actually attacking might stop some strategies dead in their tracks. Suddenly cards like Harley Quinn – Dr. Harleen QuinzelMicroscopic Victory or The Darkness Grows are essentially dead cards waiting to be set free from the greedy hands of Hal!

Not to mention the fact that this Orange Lantern comes stacked with +3 MP and a full 3 stats (Str 1, Int 4 & Spc 6), meaning that its going to take a lot to get him off the board once he’s there!

Once again, the flavor of the Orange Lantern Corp is captured perfectly with this card!

Unending Rage

The last of today’s previews comes in the form of the Red Lantern, Atrocitus – Survivor.

This card right away got me excited for what can be gained at the cost of your character drop for the turn. With his Constant effect to draw you 2 cards if he leaves play during the Planning Step, and his +2 MP, you are able to keep tricks such as Teleportation or Knockout still coming out to be net positive to your side of the field, essentially turning either card into a -3MP draw 2 cards and deal with an annoying enemy character!

My favorite idea with this card however comes with Brainiac – Collector of Worlds. At the low cost of your character drop for turn, you now have the benefit of gaining +6MP and drawing 2 cards during your Planning Step! I really liked the idea of running decks that used Brainiac to keep the MP flowing and your opponent guessing as to what is going to happen next. Thanks to Atrocitus, we are able to add a pretty great draw engine to our MP gain, and if coupled with cards like Int 4 – U93-JL, we can even put Atrocitus back on top of our deck to use again at a later date!

Again, I feel like the concept of Red Lanterns forsaking their own well being for the sake of fulfilling their rage is caught perfectly here. Watching Atrocitus being able to punish your opponent over and over again will be something that I greatly look forward to being a part of in the near future!

The Wonderful World of Color

Thanks for stopping by again for this week’s batch of Previews! We still have one final article to go over next week, so head back next Thursday as we take a breather from the crazy world of the Lantern Corps and go back to our basics for a bit.

Until then, enjoy your stay the bar. Just remember, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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