GL Set Preview: The Answer Lies in the Heart of Battle

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At the very heart and soul of this game is a simple objective – Battle. In order to press the advantage you must attack, but you must also be able to defend yourself from the onslaught that your opponent will unleash upon you as well. It sets up a rather nice push and pull to the game. But in order to take part in it at all, you must have an assortment of Battle Cards to use.

Today’s previews will be a look at some of these new tools, and what they might mean for your or your opponent’s battle strategies moving forward.

The Willpower to Succeed

First at bat today is this new addition for Strength-based Decks. At the cost of -2 MP you can rest assured that any battle based tricks from your opponent won’t be an issue for the next several turns.

Being able to attack with this knowing that the next three Battle Steps (the current, your opponent’s, and your next turn) are completely free of Int or Spc Battle card effects could really help solidify your hold on a game, or give you the breathing room you need to turn the tides.

Also, being a Str 5 card means that any Rank 5 strategy decks could have this as a potential game changer. This is definitely going to be a card to keep in mind moving forward, and I can’t wait to see which decks pick it up.

The Struggle for Superiority

Rank 7 Battle cards are always interesting to note. With several different strategies built around Rank 7 characters, finding the perfect matching Battle cards can make or break the flow of the deck.

This new Str 7 Battle card seems to fit nicely into any Strength-based aggressive strategy. There are many ways to use this effect to your benefit. Often Rank 7 decks play tutor effects to search out their Rank 7 characters or Rank 7 Battle cards. Should you do this, you are also granted the ability of making your opponent discard a card from their hand at a -1 MP cost that also threatens to KO any character foolish enough to defend against it.

However, this card can also be a great defensive tool as well. Should your opponent follow a similar line, searching their deck for some nasty trick and decide to attack, you can punish them by KO-ing an attacker and making them discard a card for their trouble.

A very powerful tool indeed. While I haven’t built many Rank 7 strategies personally, this will certainly be one of the first cards I look towards once I venture into that uncharted territory.

Stand Together

Moving away from Strength, this new Spc 3 Battle card is certainly in a league of its own. Constant effects can be some of the most powerful tools a player has at their disposal. Since they are always active, there is a natural inclination to build around these useful (and often game-altering) effects.

As our first stipulation battle card, you’ll only benefit from this effect while on the attack. Luckily there are plenty of aggressive Constant effect characters in the game. Red Tornado, Nightwing, and Harley Quinn – FP immediately jump to mind. Being able to draw for each one of these powerful offensive tools you have in play can mean that the assault on your opponent is unending.

But, aggro isn’t the only deck that is likely to play this card. With characters like John Constantine, General Zod, and Mr. Freeze as the backbones for many Control decks, this card is a great asset for refilling your hand and ensuring that you have what it takes to keep your opponent in check.

Hold Your Ground

Our last preview today show us what the power of Intelligence can really have against any adversary. At a staggering -9 MP cost, this Int 7 Battle card comes with the final say on Defense this game has to offer.

While the effect is a rather simple one, the power behind it is nothing to sneeze at. As an example, with just a single card, you are able to turn an opponent’s potential blitz of 3 attacks into “Your opponent discards 3 cards and ends their turn”.

No lives lost, no VP gained. Now that is some serious brain-power.

The only real detriments to this card are the high MP cost and the limited number of characters able to use it. While I’m sure Green Lantern will provide us with even more Int 7 characters, a big thing to keep in mind when looking to take advantage of this card are effects like Martian Manhunter or Combat Mastery, which can help give you the tools needed to pack such a powerful card without relying on Rank 7 characters to do the heavy lifting for you.

The Battle is Over, but the War Rages On

Thanks for checking out today’s article. As always, I’m very happy to be sharing in on this exciting preview season with you all.

Green Lantern is shaping up to be a very impressive set, and each passing day only seems to reassure those thoughts for me (and hopefully  for you as well).

Make sure to check back each week as we still have 2 more sets of previews to display for you all!

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. Just don’t forget, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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