Green Lantern Set Preview: How Eventful!

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Welcome back, everyone! I know we’ve been gone for quite some time. But when you run an inter-dimensional bar, there tends to be some “eventful” situations that arise from time to time.

But fear not, for the bar is back up and running, and what a perfect time for our Grand Re-opening, as it’s spoiler season!!

So sit back, grab your favorite drink, and let’s take a look at a few different Events we can look forward to out of the upcoming set, Green Lantern!

Just a Quick Round Before I Go

Let’s kick things off with a rather interesting event. Preparations seems like a pretty solid way to dig for some resources before immediately jumping back into the fray. Being able to save an MP off of the cost of Upper Hand is nothing to sneeze at. Though you will have to end your Planning Step for doing so. I have a feeling that this might be a trade off several decks are willing to make, though.

Now clearly the downside to this card is that if you are hoping to dig for a Character or clutch Event you won’t be able to play it the same turn you used this card. However, it could be a way to help refuel decks just trying to swing all-out turn after turn by providing them with the Battle cards they need to get the job done.

I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye on this one.

Who Needs a Refill?

Speaking of refueling, this card can be some serious gas! Now it does require that you play a pretty sizable amount of cards to really make it worth the 4 MP you’re going to be paying. So at the very least, in order to make this as good as Upper Hand, you’ll have to play 2 cards before it. However, should you be able to play more than 2, it’s just value city!

And the great thing about this card is that it’s not just limited to the type of card you have to play before it! Meaning that Events and Characters will both count towards drawing fresh cards. And it doesn’t care where the cards were played from either!

So not only are low-cost Events like Sleight of Hand great with this card, but also cards like Ra’s Al Ghul or Blue Beetle! And if I remember correctly, we just got a dozy of a card spoiled for Black Lanterns in the form of The Dead Shall Rise, which at the cost of 1 MP let’s you play 2 cards in the same action!

I think it’s pretty safe to say, given just these few interactions, that this card can be the draw engine of choice for certain decks moving forward into this new meta. What you do with all those cards though will be up to you.

Drinking Buddies

Our last preview for today, but certainly not the least, is Lantern Synergy. This card is by far the most restrictive of the events shown today, but it also has the most utility.

If you control a Green Lantern character, you are able to use the Push effect of a character you control (without actually pushing them). If you have a Blue Lantern character, you can then prep a character you control. Both of these effects on their own are pretty impressive, as you are able to use a Push effect of a character twice in the same turn. However, should you have both Lantern types in play, you can use the same effect a staggering THREE TIMES in one turn! If that’s not synergy, I’m not sure what is!

Now the only real downside to this is that there aren’t a lot of push effects from Justice League that can really be abused with this amount of raw power, as many of them involve KO-ing the character or discarding cards from your hand. However, given that we have seen so little of this set, only time will tell just how insane this card can be. Not to mention that any Push effect moving forward could be the key to unlocking this incredible card’s potential.

This One’s on the House!

Thanks for stopping in and checking out the previews we had for you all today. It feels good to get back to talking about the game again.

This new set is looking to be a powerhouse, and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on many of these new goodies. The door to Deck building has just had been blown off its hinges!

So stay tuned, as we’ve got more previews in store for you all coming soon!

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. Just don’t forget, while this one may be on us, there’s still a two-drink minimum.

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