Attack on Titan Previews: Victory at What Cost?

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Hello once again, everyone!

Welcome to Week #2 of our 2-part spoiler for the newest set for MetaX – Attack on Titan!

Those of you who have seen the show will no doubt understand that sometimes victory can be a bittersweet ordeal. Circumstances can change dramatically from planning to execution, so it’s up to you to know when sacrifices must be made for the betterment of all and when it’s time to tuck your tail between your legs and leave before the body count piles higher.

Today we will be looking at several “game changers” – both big and small – that could help turn the tide of battle in your favor. However, without the proper planning, several of them could be stranded in your hand or put you further behind than your opponent.

It will take a true tactician to see these plans through. Are you up for the task?

A Beautiful Mind

Our first preview today comes as our only character for this list – Armin Arlelt – Young Genius.

Don’t let his small frame fool you, Armin is packing a ton of value here! At +4 MP and 3 Stats, this Cadet isn’t going to be going down without a fight. Likewise, should you be smart enough to build around it, Armin’s Constant Effect negates the effects of all rank 1 or 2 Battle Cards!

With so many utility Battle Cards sitting at low ranks, this could turn your opponent’s gameplan completely on its head if timed correctly. This is a character I would definitely keep my eye on as the meta develops!

Passed the Breaking Point

Sometimes the fight can really take it out of you. You find yourself on the field for too long. Your mind starts to wander; you lose your edge. Then suddenly, you find yourself without a leg to stand on. In these intense times, it’s important to keep yourself focused on the goal at hand.

Our next preview – a very interesting Event – may be just the tool you’re looking for.

At no cost, Exhaustion forces each player to search their deck for a Character or Event and discard it. While this may sound like a strange card at first, we have already seen a number of cards that can take advantage of having the right character in your discard pile at the right time.

Not to mention, at face value, this card can easily be used to remove an unnecessary tech card out of your deck, making your draws more consistent for the match at hand, while possibly putting your opponent in an awkward situation.

What if their deck is not designed to recur characters or events out of their discard pile? Suddenly they are forced to remove an active piece of their puzzle from their potential draws.

Certainly something interesting to think about.

The Fight Rages On

If I were a betting man, my guess would be that this card is a prime example of the determination of the Cadet Corps. Being able to dig in and find the will to continue the fight even after the tank seems empty.

While Perseverance does come at a pretty hefty cost of -6 MP, don’t let that deter you, as you will immediately recoup 3MP and have the potential of drawing 3 cards!

3 cards for 3 MP is way above the curve (I’m looking at you Upper Hand). So if you can set this up, you’ll have plenty of staying power against anything your opponent throws at you.

The Tough Choices

Our last event for today puts us in a bit of a bind. And yet it’s a tool that I think many decks will be happy to include at the same time.

Painful Choice forces each player to KO a character they control. At -5MP this fills a very similar role as Knockout and several others that have come along.

The interesting part of this card comes in the fact that you are not targeting a character outright with this card. Meaning if your opponent has a character that cannot be targeted on an otherwise empty board, you can still force them to KO that character!

Likewise, you may put your opponent in an awkward guessing game as to which of their Characters is really not holding their own on the board at the moment. Another great use for this card is the fact that you may be able to convince your opponent to KO a character that had a Battle Card attached that you were hoping to recur through other means in your hand.

While this card may seem like mostly a “side-grade” to other similar effects, don’t be surprised if your opponent doesn’t know which character is worth losing. Any time you put the ball in your opponent’s court it’s another opportunity for them to make a mistake. And that is certainly worth 5MP to find out.


A vital part of combat is knowing the right time to strike. Feign tactics are a crucial part of making sure that final blow hits its target and hard!

This new Spc 1 Defense Battle Card can really turn the tide in your favor if your opponent gets a bit too careless in battle.

At -3MP being able to take their Battle Card (or any card currently on the defender) and move it over to any character can be just the KO punch you were looking for!

Now of course, the downside to that is that the defending Character has to not end up KO’d themselves, as the effect doesn’t go off until the end of the turn. But with so many characters running around with huge HP thanks to the Titan stat increase, it shouldn’t be too hard to let them take a hit before turning it back around and dishing it back out!

Definitely something to consider with this card is the fact that no longer is it safe to play a Character and keep it out of combat while the rest of your team attacks. Thanks to this new defensive option, even those unwilling to put in the effort may find themselves in a world of hurt!


Our next preview should find a home in many decks – both new and old. Keeping your board filled is something that any player would agree is vital to success. With the growing number of strategies present for building your board quickly, this next battle card should almost never be blank in the right hands.

At an impressive oMP, you’ll be able to trigger this Spc 5 much more frequently than not to draw 2 cards.

What’s important to note is that they do not have to be your characters that entered played this turn! Meaning if your opponent is on a similar strategy of building their board quickly, you’ll be able to capitalize for their hard effort, even on the defense.

Now that is some serious punishment for your opponent.

Calculated Strike

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have an attack Battle Card that is sure to find it’s way into any Int-based deck (especially many of those looking to deal with the bottom of their deck!).

This Int 2 allows you to take the best card from among the top 4 of your deck and place it into your hand before placing the rest on the bottom in any order. And all for the low cost of 0MP!

Now for any of you out there that have played Magic before, you’ll likely know that Impulse is a fantastic card. While not generating any card advantage (as you are staying 1 for 1 on cards), it does allow you blitz through several possible draws immediately to find exactly what you are looking for right now.

To be able to do this at no cost is nothing to sneeze at! Especially when you take into account the amount of “bottom of deck” mechanics showcased in this set. This card is certainly going to be a workhorse for pulling those strategies together!

The Walls Won’t Stand Forever

We’re only a few short days from the March 30th release of Attack on Titan!

With so much to take in, what factions are you most excited for? Are you ready to stand with the last of humanity or do you find yourself surging with the untapped raw power of the Titans?

Or will you be one of the few that looks to combine forces with those across the multiverse to create a pairing beyond time and space?

Only time will tell which of these strategies will pan out, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what decks we’re likely to see!

Thanks once again for checking out our previews.

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. Just remember, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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Attack on Titan Previews: Riders on the Storm

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Welcome! Welcome!

In keeping true with our namesake, we’ve finally returned to this realm once again! But this not the world that we left you in. No things have taken a much darker turn, my friends.

So come inside, and prepare yourselves for the world in which we find ourselves today. A world of behemoths. Of unstoppable killing machines. Of Titans and those brave (or foolish) enough to stand against them.

With a shorter preview season this time around, we’ll be breaking down our info into two articles, which means more cards to think about sooner! So the only question you’ll have to ask yourself is:

What side will you be on?

First Line of Defense

The Scout Regiment is by far the most important in terms of contact with these monsters. It is their duty to put themselves in harm’s way in order to gather the necessary information for battling these beasts and finding out not only their weaknesses, but where they come from.

For this group to succeed, they must be swift, tactical & thorough if they wish to make it back to the safety of the walls (or what little safety they bring these days).

And so this Regiment takes a special kind of person, one such being Erwin Smith – Commanding Presence.

We can see here that Erwin comes prepared to put it all on the line. With 7 Int, +2 MP and a Constant Ability that allows you to draw a card whenever he preps, he is sure to keep his wits about him while gathering the information you need to put your opponent away.

Heart and Soul

*Show Spoiler Below*

This next character is a personal favorite of mine. So much so, that when she met her abrupt end while dealing with the female titan, my roommates and I were so devastated that we changed our wifi settings to “The Petra Mourning House” and only referred to our home as such for the next several years of living together.

You know you have lost a great soul when your world can be shattered in less than 5 seconds of screen time. But it’s better to dwell on the good things, and not the tragic, so I’d like to present you with Petra Rall – Kind Scout.

While she may come with a pretty standard array of stats and only +1MP, her Push Ability really shows you how far kindness can get you. Not only do you get to see the full contents of your opponent’s hand, but you get to draw a card for each Event they have!

So not only are you aware of what to expect, but you just might find the tools to disarm their strategy all-together!

Hold Your Ground

A crucial part of being able to succeed as part of the Scout Regiment is having keen “fight or flight” instincts. It’s quite simple to want to run when you find yourself staring down one of these walking abominations, but sometimes you need to press your luck and complete your mission for the sake of those waiting back at home.

The card Stability is a great example of knowing when it’s time to dig in and get things done.

With this flexible tool, you’ll be able to push yourself to the necessary MP threshold to unleash your well thought-out plans or have the ability to search deeper for the information you need to win. Though two simple effects, it’s the flexibility of this card that really shows off what it means to be a Scout.

Push Your Advantage

Another key element for being a good Scout is knowing when to force your opponent into a difficult decision. Anyone can come up with a plan of attack, but what does it mean when you’re forced to think on your feet?

Will you stand firm on the decisions you’ve laid out for yourself? Or will you allow yourself to become more fluid to stop the advancement of your enemy? This is the sort of tool at the disposal of the Scouts, and Str 5 – U94-AT proves it.

While not many Scouts are representing a high Str value at the moment, there are certainly tools out there to allow your team to take full advantage of what this card has to offer.

For the Greater Good

When ultimate survival is on the line, sometimes it takes an ultimate sacrifice to accomplish what needs to be done. As a Scout, it is your duty to gauge when the safety of others is more important than your own.

Str 2 – C40-AT shows that sometimes you have to be willing to put your life on the line to get the information back to those that need it most.

At +2MP and the ability to clear up a character slot, this may be one of the more impressive draw battle cards to date. The downside being that you may open yourself up for a counter-attack; but sometimes it’s worth the risk to ensure that your ability to fight can rage on.

Watch Each Other’s Backs

On the other side of the coin, it takes Scouts looking out for each other to make sure that a mission is successful. All it takes is one person to step in at the right time to have a plan come together perfectly.

While on the attack, one can lose sight of how important your own safety can be for the survival of the whole group. Luckily, Int 3 – U87-AT provides you with that team coordination that is so vital for securing your victory over your enemy.

Coming in again at +2MP, this defensive battle card allows you to make a potentially bold attack without losing any of the necessary defensive capability of your team. Being able to defend, then prep one of your characters to make another defense is certainly nothing to sneeze at, and could very well swing the tide of battle in your favor.

Ready to Ride

Speed is also a vital piece of the Scout Regiment’s arsenal. Knowing when it’s time to strike without opening yourself up to your opponent’s counter-assault will save you a lot of heartbreak at the end of the day.

Luckily, with their trusted steeds, the Scouts can move in and out of a situation even under the most dire of circumstances.

Int1 – C33-AT is the perfect example of what makes the Scouts such an important piece to the survival of humanity. Being able to strike out of nowhere to accomplish their goal and return to defend will go a long way to secure a victory.

The On-Going Struggle

Thanks for checking out today’s article. Hopefully you’ve begun to see the power of the human spirit in comparison to the raw strength that the Titans have to offer.

Join me next week as we close out our two-part preview discussion for Attack on Titan.

With all the previews swirling around, this is definitely looking to be an exciting set and an interesting addition to the meta as a whole.

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. But remember, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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GL Set Preview: It’s the Simple Things…

Image result for dc comics thanksgiving

Hey everyone, it’s Thursday! Which means it’s time for some more Green Lantern previews!

Today however is a special Thursday. For those of you reading who celebrate, you’ll likely know that today is Thanksgiving! Today is a day for coming together with those close to you and reminding yourselves how much you have to be thankful for. I know that I am personally very thankful to be a part of so many great CCG communities, and so, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

This will be our final preview article for the season at The Oblivion Bar, and with so many crazy things going on with different factions and deck types, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of the simpler things that MetaX has to offer.

But just because they are simple does not mean they are any less powerful. So let’s take a look.

Back to Basics

Now here is something interesting that we have yet to see in the game. At face value this seems like a fairly straight-forward Battle Card. A Spc 5 for +0 MP is nothing to write home about, but can definitely get the job done. However, when we take into account the fact that it comes with the unique ability to draw a card for each Basic Battle Card that has been played this turn, suddenly this card takes on a whole new light!

For those who may be wondering, a Basic Battle Card is any Battle Card that has no rules text whatsoever on it. Just some number of Stats, a Rank and an MP cost (either positive or negative).

As of right now, the only cards that fit this criteria are the Battle Cards found in any of the Justice League Starters, AND, a single Battle Card from the Justice League Set proper: that card being Str/Int/Spc 4 – U94-JL!

Now you may be saying to yourself, “Okay. That’s all fine and good. But why would I want to load my deck full of Basic Battle Cards?” And, to be fair, up until now there hasn’t really been a reason to. For some time now I have been contemplating the pros and cons of running Basic Battle Cards in a Constructed Deck since before the first set released. While they do not come with amazing powers, they are often the best MP “bang for your buck” when it comes to a particular Rank. But is that really worth it?

Well perhaps; perhaps not. But I can give you one solid example where it would be useful: Draft!

That’s right! As you might recall, when drafting MetaX, you are allowed to fill your deck with any number of Basic Battle Cards once the draft portion is over. If you happen to find yourself drafting a Spc-centric deck and you see one or two of these floating around the draft table (as it is only a common, after-all), my advice would be to SNATCH THEM UP QUICK!

I don’t think you’ll be able to find a single card in a draft scenario that can give you the amount of raw card draw potential present on this Battle Card. And the crazy part about this card is that it counts both your and your opponent’s Basic Battle Cards played before this one in the Battle! Oh, and it just so happens to be good on the attack and on defense!

Now that is really something to be thankful for!

Testing the Waters

Remember way back a few months ago when things were simpler? When there wasn’t a full spectrum of color to choose from for each character, but just whether you found yourself on the side of good or evil?

Hal Jordan remembers.

Hal Jordan – Former Test Pilot is a breath of fresh air bursting from behind the giant cloud that is the different Lantern Corps. As a humble Hero Character, you won’t have to worry about how many different factions are in your deck to get the full value of this card. He’s here to put in some good, honest work, no matter what deck strategy he finds himself in.

At +3 MP and two decent Stat Values, Hal makes sure that the game reaches its natural conclusion, all the while costing you no down-side and gently speeding up your opponent’s clock.

With the Constant Power of drawing each player a card whenever Hal pushes to attack, you never have to worry about your hand dwindling while Hal is on the scene. And while he will draw your opponent a card as well (potentially giving them a card to defend with), he also slowly lessens the amount of time your opponent has before decking themselves.

And with the help of cards like Krypto, Bane, and the number of Str-based Battle Cards that draw/force your opponent to discard cards from their deck, it’s very possible that the “bonus” from Hal to your opponent could start to feel a lot more like a burden of guilt quick!

The Reason for the Season is Pleasin’

That’s it from the Bar today, everyone! I hope you have enjoyed our articles this preview season, and I hope they have helped to get you excited for the plethora of decks coming down the pipeline very soon!

I hope to be able to bring you some early deck ideas in our Investigating the Meta series again shortly once the full set has been released, and look forward to playing more games again in the near future!

So for those of you celebrating today, let’s raise a toast to a festive day and a great set to follow! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving at the bar. Just remember, there’s a two drink minimum.

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GL Set Previews: A Carousel of Colors

Related image

It’s pretty safe to say that the most exciting part about this upcoming set is the number of factions that are presented in it. With so many different Lantern Corps to pick and choice from in Green Lantern there is no real end to the number of dedicated or mixed strategies that are likely to pop up from them all. Then if you take into account the Heroes and Villains from Justice League, you’ll find yourself in an unending cascade of possibilities!

You may have noticed the lack of Characters spoiled so far by the Bar, but today we will be looking to amend that!

Today’s article is dedicated to showing off a few different Lantern Corps and what to expect from them. Some we have seen spoiled from the Main Site, but at least one presented here is the first of his kind (at least to the best of my knowledge!).

So without further adieu, let’s dive into a few different aspects of the spectrum!

Fear Itself

For those of you that are looking for a solution to board stalls, this may be the best to date! While your opponent will get a turn to prepare for the effect (unless you are playing cards like Lantern Synergy that was spoiled here earlier!), this powerhouse has the ability to get rid of any sort of engine your opponent may have going as well as clear your field for some much needed character upgrades.

Now while this will cost you the Anti-Monitor himself joining your opponent’s VP Pile, with effects like Dr. Fate or Sleight of Hand, he is just a moment’s notice away from coming back and ruining your opponent’s fun all over again!

His one major downside comes at the +1MP and single stat of Spc 7, meaning that you’re very unlikely to block with this character unless you absolutely have to.

Otherwise though, a very solid card, and one that really feels like it has the Sinestro Corp philosophy figured out perfectly!

What’s Mine is Mine

But what do you do to a man that fears nothing but having his prized possessions taken from him and will stop it at all cost? Like say, Hal Jordan – Insatiable Greed?

This card’s constant effect can be a complete game changer against the right deck!

Being able to turn off any effects used by your opponent (and unfortunately yourself) that would gain a player VP outside of actually attacking might stop some strategies dead in their tracks. Suddenly cards like Harley Quinn – Dr. Harleen QuinzelMicroscopic Victory or The Darkness Grows are essentially dead cards waiting to be set free from the greedy hands of Hal!

Not to mention the fact that this Orange Lantern comes stacked with +3 MP and a full 3 stats (Str 1, Int 4 & Spc 6), meaning that its going to take a lot to get him off the board once he’s there!

Once again, the flavor of the Orange Lantern Corp is captured perfectly with this card!

Unending Rage

The last of today’s previews comes in the form of the Red Lantern, Atrocitus – Survivor.

This card right away got me excited for what can be gained at the cost of your character drop for the turn. With his Constant effect to draw you 2 cards if he leaves play during the Planning Step, and his +2 MP, you are able to keep tricks such as Teleportation or Knockout still coming out to be net positive to your side of the field, essentially turning either card into a -3MP draw 2 cards and deal with an annoying enemy character!

My favorite idea with this card however comes with Brainiac – Collector of Worlds. At the low cost of your character drop for turn, you now have the benefit of gaining +6MP and drawing 2 cards during your Planning Step! I really liked the idea of running decks that used Brainiac to keep the MP flowing and your opponent guessing as to what is going to happen next. Thanks to Atrocitus, we are able to add a pretty great draw engine to our MP gain, and if coupled with cards like Int 4 – U93-JL, we can even put Atrocitus back on top of our deck to use again at a later date!

Again, I feel like the concept of Red Lanterns forsaking their own well being for the sake of fulfilling their rage is caught perfectly here. Watching Atrocitus being able to punish your opponent over and over again will be something that I greatly look forward to being a part of in the near future!

The Wonderful World of Color

Thanks for stopping by again for this week’s batch of Previews! We still have one final article to go over next week, so head back next Thursday as we take a breather from the crazy world of the Lantern Corps and go back to our basics for a bit.

Until then, enjoy your stay the bar. Just remember, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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Expanding the Bar: New Additions on the Way!

Hey everyone! Be careful! Watch your head, watch your feet!

While the Oblivion Bar is gearing up for it’s official Grand Re-opening with Green Lantern, the ownership has taken it upon themselves to do some extension work to the bar.

For those of you that may not know, I currently run 3 blogs: this one, FanZ Warriors Gather (my DBZ FanZ blog), and Whimsical Happenstance (my blog of poetry and short stories). I have been toying with the idea of diving deeper into each blog (and possibly beyond!), so I have decided to create a Patreon Page to hold this some much deserved deeper content.

If you are interested in checking out my other blogs, you can find the links to them on the Patreon Page.

Not only will the normal blogs be updated as usual, meaning you will still see deck breakdowns, previews and the like from this blog, but loyal Patrons who support the Bar and its affiliates will receive more bonus content!

What this means for The Oblivion Bar is up in the air at the moment, but as of right now, the sky is the limit! What is important to realize however is that nothing will change with the over-all content of this blog. It will continue to be updated and run for free. The only difference will be the Patreon link on the front page, and the additional content that can be found there for the supporting Patrons.

So with that out of the way, I look forward to the remaining previews for this season as well as breaking down the vast meta that waits beyond its release!

So until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. Just remember, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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GL Set Preview: The Answer Lies in the Heart of Battle

Image result for emotion spectrum dc

At the very heart and soul of this game is a simple objective – Battle. In order to press the advantage you must attack, but you must also be able to defend yourself from the onslaught that your opponent will unleash upon you as well. It sets up a rather nice push and pull to the game. But in order to take part in it at all, you must have an assortment of Battle Cards to use.

Today’s previews will be a look at some of these new tools, and what they might mean for your or your opponent’s battle strategies moving forward.

The Willpower to Succeed

First at bat today is this new addition for Strength-based Decks. At the cost of -2 MP you can rest assured that any battle based tricks from your opponent won’t be an issue for the next several turns.

Being able to attack with this knowing that the next three Battle Steps (the current, your opponent’s, and your next turn) are completely free of Int or Spc Battle card effects could really help solidify your hold on a game, or give you the breathing room you need to turn the tides.

Also, being a Str 5 card means that any Rank 5 strategy decks could have this as a potential game changer. This is definitely going to be a card to keep in mind moving forward, and I can’t wait to see which decks pick it up.

The Struggle for Superiority

Rank 7 Battle cards are always interesting to note. With several different strategies built around Rank 7 characters, finding the perfect matching Battle cards can make or break the flow of the deck.

This new Str 7 Battle card seems to fit nicely into any Strength-based aggressive strategy. There are many ways to use this effect to your benefit. Often Rank 7 decks play tutor effects to search out their Rank 7 characters or Rank 7 Battle cards. Should you do this, you are also granted the ability of making your opponent discard a card from their hand at a -1 MP cost that also threatens to KO any character foolish enough to defend against it.

However, this card can also be a great defensive tool as well. Should your opponent follow a similar line, searching their deck for some nasty trick and decide to attack, you can punish them by KO-ing an attacker and making them discard a card for their trouble.

A very powerful tool indeed. While I haven’t built many Rank 7 strategies personally, this will certainly be one of the first cards I look towards once I venture into that uncharted territory.

Stand Together

Moving away from Strength, this new Spc 3 Battle card is certainly in a league of its own. Constant effects can be some of the most powerful tools a player has at their disposal. Since they are always active, there is a natural inclination to build around these useful (and often game-altering) effects.

As our first stipulation battle card, you’ll only benefit from this effect while on the attack. Luckily there are plenty of aggressive Constant effect characters in the game. Red Tornado, Nightwing, and Harley Quinn – FP immediately jump to mind. Being able to draw for each one of these powerful offensive tools you have in play can mean that the assault on your opponent is unending.

But, aggro isn’t the only deck that is likely to play this card. With characters like John Constantine, General Zod, and Mr. Freeze as the backbones for many Control decks, this card is a great asset for refilling your hand and ensuring that you have what it takes to keep your opponent in check.

Hold Your Ground

Our last preview today show us what the power of Intelligence can really have against any adversary. At a staggering -9 MP cost, this Int 7 Battle card comes with the final say on Defense this game has to offer.

While the effect is a rather simple one, the power behind it is nothing to sneeze at. As an example, with just a single card, you are able to turn an opponent’s potential blitz of 3 attacks into “Your opponent discards 3 cards and ends their turn”.

No lives lost, no VP gained. Now that is some serious brain-power.

The only real detriments to this card are the high MP cost and the limited number of characters able to use it. While I’m sure Green Lantern will provide us with even more Int 7 characters, a big thing to keep in mind when looking to take advantage of this card are effects like Martian Manhunter or Combat Mastery, which can help give you the tools needed to pack such a powerful card without relying on Rank 7 characters to do the heavy lifting for you.

The Battle is Over, but the War Rages On

Thanks for checking out today’s article. As always, I’m very happy to be sharing in on this exciting preview season with you all.

Green Lantern is shaping up to be a very impressive set, and each passing day only seems to reassure those thoughts for me (and hopefully  for you as well).

Make sure to check back each week as we still have 2 more sets of previews to display for you all!

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. Just don’t forget, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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Green Lantern Set Preview: How Eventful!

Image result for grand reopening

Welcome back, everyone! I know we’ve been gone for quite some time. But when you run an inter-dimensional bar, there tends to be some “eventful” situations that arise from time to time.

But fear not, for the bar is back up and running, and what a perfect time for our Grand Re-opening, as it’s spoiler season!!

So sit back, grab your favorite drink, and let’s take a look at a few different Events we can look forward to out of the upcoming set, Green Lantern!

Just a Quick Round Before I Go

Let’s kick things off with a rather interesting event. Preparations seems like a pretty solid way to dig for some resources before immediately jumping back into the fray. Being able to save an MP off of the cost of Upper Hand is nothing to sneeze at. Though you will have to end your Planning Step for doing so. I have a feeling that this might be a trade off several decks are willing to make, though.

Now clearly the downside to this card is that if you are hoping to dig for a Character or clutch Event you won’t be able to play it the same turn you used this card. However, it could be a way to help refuel decks just trying to swing all-out turn after turn by providing them with the Battle cards they need to get the job done.

I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye on this one.

Who Needs a Refill?

Speaking of refueling, this card can be some serious gas! Now it does require that you play a pretty sizable amount of cards to really make it worth the 4 MP you’re going to be paying. So at the very least, in order to make this as good as Upper Hand, you’ll have to play 2 cards before it. However, should you be able to play more than 2, it’s just value city!

And the great thing about this card is that it’s not just limited to the type of card you have to play before it! Meaning that Events and Characters will both count towards drawing fresh cards. And it doesn’t care where the cards were played from either!

So not only are low-cost Events like Sleight of Hand great with this card, but also cards like Ra’s Al Ghul or Blue Beetle! And if I remember correctly, we just got a dozy of a card spoiled for Black Lanterns in the form of The Dead Shall Rise, which at the cost of 1 MP let’s you play 2 cards in the same action!

I think it’s pretty safe to say, given just these few interactions, that this card can be the draw engine of choice for certain decks moving forward into this new meta. What you do with all those cards though will be up to you.

Drinking Buddies

Our last preview for today, but certainly not the least, is Lantern Synergy. This card is by far the most restrictive of the events shown today, but it also has the most utility.

If you control a Green Lantern character, you are able to use the Push effect of a character you control (without actually pushing them). If you have a Blue Lantern character, you can then prep a character you control. Both of these effects on their own are pretty impressive, as you are able to use a Push effect of a character twice in the same turn. However, should you have both Lantern types in play, you can use the same effect a staggering THREE TIMES in one turn! If that’s not synergy, I’m not sure what is!

Now the only real downside to this is that there aren’t a lot of push effects from Justice League that can really be abused with this amount of raw power, as many of them involve KO-ing the character or discarding cards from your hand. However, given that we have seen so little of this set, only time will tell just how insane this card can be. Not to mention that any Push effect moving forward could be the key to unlocking this incredible card’s potential.

This One’s on the House!

Thanks for stopping in and checking out the previews we had for you all today. It feels good to get back to talking about the game again.

This new set is looking to be a powerhouse, and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on many of these new goodies. The door to Deck building has just had been blown off its hinges!

So stay tuned, as we’ve got more previews in store for you all coming soon!

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. Just don’t forget, while this one may be on us, there’s still a two-drink minimum.

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Investigating the Meta #6 – Serving up some Justice

Related image

Since my last post was for a Villain heavy deck, I decided that today I would post up my thoughts on a Hero heavy one.

Strength based decks have been alluding me since the game came out. While I like many of their Battle Cards, their characters just didn’t really speak to me in any profound way.

While looking at an article submission from one of our readers, Ryan Newman, I started to take a different look at Strength based characters, and the result is the following list. Thank you Ryan for your inspiration! While I know this is drastically different from your list you sent in, I feel it is the first deck that has inspired me to not only play Strength heavy, but to try and focus it heavily around the Emerald Archer himself!

Let’s check it out:

The Round Up

Character (13):
3x Green Arrow – Emerald Archer
3x Vixen – Mari McCabe
2x Red Tornado – John Smith
2x Cyborg – Victor Stone
2x Blue Beetle – Ted Kord
1x Robin – Boy Wonder

Battle Cards (19):

Rank 1 (10):
3x Str 1 – C31-JL
1x Int 1 – C32-JL
3x Spc 1 – C34-JL
3x Str/Int/Spc 1 – U92-JL

Rank 2 (3):
3x Str 2 – C35-JL

Rank 3 (2):
2x Str 3 – C59-JL

Rank 4 (2):
2x Spc 4 – C47-JL

Rank 5 (2):
2x Str/Spc 5 – R134

Events (8):
2x Overboard
2x Push and Pull
2x With Friends Like These
2x Echolocation

The Motives

This deck is really trying to play fast and loose with its cards, discarding less effective cards in the moment to gain benefits thanks to Vixen, while still dictating what your opponent is allowed to do.

Green Arrow gives us a character that can really force our opponent into some odd situations. Being able to place one of our many low-impact Battle cards on their characters means that they can find themselves TKO‘d much more often then they usually expect to. With the fear of any given attack or defense threatening their characters, you may be able to make your opponent hesitant to commit to aggressive plays.

With Friends Like These was a card I took notice to right away, but after playing the game for a while, I struggled to comprehend why a card like that was needed in a game like this. Characters are more often than not going to KO each other with combat, so what was the point? Well, I think this list is a very reasonable way of putting that card to good use while maintaining your own board state.

Thanks to cards like Str 2 – C35 or Spc 1 – C34 we are able to place Battle Cards on our opponent’s characters while removing or ignoring Battle Cards ourselves. Again, coupled with Green Arrow, we can ensure that playing “With Friends…” will virtually be a one-sided board wipe. Even if we happen to lose a character, as long as Green Arrow or Vixen are not among the causalities, we can still keep our grip on the flow of the game.

This list has, by far, the most Battle Cards I have placed in a single deck up to this point, and I still feel like there could be room for 1-2 more. With so much filtering and raw card draw in this deck, we can make sure that we are getting exactly the cards we want for any situation.

Echolocation is again a fantastic tool for this deck. Once we have cleared our opponent’s board, or set up a threatening position to do so, we can cherry pick any annoying Characters waiting in their hand, hoping to force them into an empty board state.

Str 3 – C59, Int 1 – C32 & Str/Int/Spc 1 – U92 are our real close out Battle Cards. Being able to deny someone the ability to defend or have a Battle Card we can reuse to attack, defend or activate Green Arrow with next turn is really something else to behold.

The great thing about this list is that it can only really improve as the game progresses. As more Multi-Stat Battle Cards are introduced to the game, Green Arrow will steadily grow in utility. Likewise, as more discard effects are introduced, Vixen can only grow in strength as well. Being a soft counter to your opponent’s Echolocation is already a big plus in Vixen’s favor!

Another great thing with this list is the threat of Str/Int/Spc 1- U92. As stated above, we can use it to attack, and as long as we score a VP we can pay 1 MP to return it to our hand. This gives us the ability to use it again to defend during our opponent’s turn, attack with it during our next turn, or activate Green Arrow next turn, hopefully TKO-ing one of their characters thanks to it being Multi-Stat‘d. Another great thing about the card though, is that it is basically the perfect Battle Card to be aggressive with thanks to “With Friends…”. If they happen to block the attack so we can’t return it, it will be shuffled back into our deck to be used again later once we filter our way back to it; giving us even more chances to start abusing its effect!

I didn’t want to end today without mentioning a combo that Ryan brought up in his article submission that I felt really needed to be shared with the rest of you. He calls it the “Purple Blitz” and I think it very well could lead to all sorts of aggro builds.

It involves Blue Beetle‘s effect to place a Red Tornado into play, then followed up with a large draw effect like Push and Pull or Ingenuity to fill your hand back up. While I know it’s nothing earth-shattering, I really haven’t come across any decks trying to use set ups like this to help fuel them into the game fast. I think it really has the ability to be a great engine for a number of different decks, and is worth sharing with everyone.

The Verdict

Thanks for checking out today’s article. Again, shout outs to Ryan Newman for helping to fuel the idea for this deck today.

I truly think there are a bunch of cool concepts working together in this list, and many of them can be pulled apart to build completely different decks of their own if you like certain aspects of the list but not others.

The great thing about this game that I feel we’ve all come to enjoy is just how open ended the deck building can really be, and what different brews are waiting to be explored.

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. Just don’t forget, there’s a two drink minimum.

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Investigating the Meta #5: Secret Society

Related image

Matt’s certainly been having a lot of fun lately posting decks for you all to enjoy. With him being pre-occupied with Gencon this weekend, I thought I’d step in and present you guys with a list I have been working on as of late.

As is no surprise by now, my list today is a bit more on the controlling side. Not just in effects, but in pure pressure placed on your opponent at all times.

Come take a look:

The Round Up

Characters (15):
3x Harley Quinn – Former Psychiatrist
3x Darkseid – Uxas
3x Bizarro – Imperfect Duplicate
3x Poison Ivy – Pamela Isley
2x Mister Freeze – Victor Fries
1x Ra’s al Ghul – The Demon’s Head

Battle Cards (15):

Rank 2 (4):
2x Int 2 – C38-JL
2x Spc 2 – C39-JL

Rank 3 (2):
2x Int 3 – C42-JL

Rank 4 (9):
3x Int 4 – U93-JL
3x Spc 4 – C47-JL
3x Str/Int/Spc 4 – U94-JL

Events (10):
3x Echolocation
3x Push and Pull
2x Joke’s on You
2x Microscopic Victory

The Motives

This deck is a pretty straight-forward Mid-Range/Control style of deck.

The first thing I really want to talk about for this list is the use of Bizarro. I’ve had my eye on him for quite some time now, and I feel like this list is the first I’ve seen that really makes him stand out as a powerful tool.

In this list alone, Bizarro has the power to:

  • Be another copy of Poison Ivy, to gain us +4 MP a turn.
  • Be another copy of Darkseid, to draw us two cards with our first attack.
  • Be another copy of Harley Quinn, to make combat awkward for our opponent.
  • Be another copy of Mister Freeze, to lock down Rank 7’s twice as hard.

Not to mention the fact that Bizarro can target any of your opponent’s characters as well. Meaning any Constant or Push power they may have can easily be yours, if you desire it.

The next big thing about this list, is the fact that it has so many Rank 5 Characters. Making cards like Push and Pull, Darkseid and Ra’s al Ghul feel right at home. With a steady card draw engine, this deck rarely hurts for anything in particular throughout a match.

For those of you wondering where the Control aspects come into play, aside from Mister Freeze and Harley making your opponent’s combats tricky, Echolocation and Spc 2 – C39 are the heavy-handed control portions of this deck. If you haven’t had the “privilege” of playing against either of these cards yet, don’t worry – sooner or later, you will. Having perfect information as well as disruption thanks to Echolocation makes it a must have for any deck looking to force your opponent into an awkward position. Spc 2 – C39 also gives you board control by shutting off a character’s effect for upward of three turns if time correctly!

Another great asset in this list is Int 4 – U93. Since all of our characters are Villains, and ten of our fifteen characters are capable of using it, we will be able to proc this effect whenever we need to, setting up our next turn to play any Character we need in that particular moment.

Microscopic Victory may seem a bit odd at first when looking at a deck like this. But with the amount of MP you are able to produce thanks to your Characters, Ivy’s Constant and most of your Battle Cards being MP positive, it really is a great tool to have at your disposal, placing your opponent behind and forcing them to make potential bad decisions in order to catch up.

One of the big benefits to this deck is the fact that nothing is truly forbidden. Card Draw, MP gaining, non-attack VP, Disruption and Recursion are all abundant in this list. A deadly combination for any deck to face down.

With the whole deck being Villains, you may be asking yourself, “Where is General Zod?” And while yes, I think he could find a place in a deck like this, I feel the fact that he is a Rank 6 Character that synergizes so poorly with our Battle Cards and strategy is reason enough to leave him on the sidelines for now. Should this deck have a hard time dealing with particular Constant effects in the future, Replacing Ra’s al Ghul with Zod may be an appropriate substitution.

The Verdict

Thanks for checking this list out!

As more and more games are played, I think different strategies will begin to poke their heads out from behind the curtain. There certainly doesn’t seem to be a shortage of strategies as of yet, and we are only one set into this game!

I really look forward to seeing what other sets will do, especially those focused on other aspects of the game that we have yet to explore or realize as players yet.

If you enjoy a walk on the “darkseid” of things from time to time, I recommend giving this list a try. It’s a lot of fun, and you feel like you are really in the driver’s seat from turn one.

Until next time, enjoy your stay at the bar. Just don’t forget, there’s a two-drink minimum.

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Investigating the Meta #4: Starfire Control

Related image

This week, Matt hits us with yet another home-brew that is sure to intrigue those looking to play a more controlling Mid-Range style deck.

Take it away, sir:


With the game being released for a few weeks now, and my level 1 deck being the “Ramunap Red Tornado” list posted earlier, I have spent the majority of this week working on different control brews to combat it. I spent a lot of hours tweaking this list and I still think there is some room to grow, but right now it has a great win percentage against the aforementioned aggro deck and has been performing well against the other mid-range/control brews.

The Round Up

Characters (14):
3x Batman – The Caped Crusader
3x Starfire – Koriand’r
2x Alfred Pennyworth – Butler
2x Brainiac – Collector of Worlds
2x Firestorm – Nuclear Man
1x Deadman – Boston Brand
1x Zatanna – Magician

Battle Cards (17):

Rank 1 (2):
2x Spc 1 – C34-JL

Rank 2 (5):
3x Int 2 – C38-JL
2x Spc 2 – C39-JL

Rank 3 (2):
2x Spc 3 – C44-JL

Rank 5 (2):
2x Int 5 – C51-JL

Rank 7 (6):
3x Int 7 – U99-JL
3x Spc 7 – R139-JL

Events (9):
3x Point Blank
3x Rise from the Ashes
3x Transfer of Power

The Motives

As stated above, I was really looking to find a more controlling deck to combat the level 1 deck I had created on launch weekend. In order to do that, I enlisted the help of Starfire to act as the core of the deck, and to work with the event package of Rise from the Ashes and Transfer of Power in order to maximize the amount of times I could activate her within a single game.

To help get the engine going, I knew that the deck would require Rank 7 Battle Cards to be in the bin so that Starfire could become a full-on kill spell whenever played. But how to go about doing this…

Enter Batman!

Batman – The Caped Crusader truly shines in this deck! Whether using his ability to put a Rank 7 Battle Card in the discard pile for Starfire, using his ability to smooth out your draws, or once your opponent is short on characters, using his ability to make sure
your opponent cannot find what they need; Batman truly pulls a lot of this strategy together, earning him a full three slots, and in my opinion, making him the most impactful UR in the game so far.

At first, I knew Alfred was good, but this deck truly showed me his full potential. Alfred being included in the list gave me the opportunity to run tech characters such as Deadman to recur either Rank 7 Battle Card; as well as Zatanna – one of the most devastating pseudo-removal spells in the game. In addition, he can always serve as an additional copy of one of the main parts of the engine, or even just to grab a Firestorm when I truly need the extra removal.

Brainiac and Firestorm make such a huge difference. Brainiac helps to counteract my Event card costs, and helps feed the Starfire engine. Firestorm is the best one-for-one removal in the game and can also be used in tandem with Rise from the Ashes, which of course is a huge boon if I can’t find a Starfire right away.

The Battle Card line up is pretty straightforward. I run plenty of Battle Cards that net MP, some that can replace themselves or shuffle Battle cards back into the deck, as well as a handful of haymakers to close out games once the advantage is heavily tilted in my favor. The fact that you get to run a playset of both Rank 7’s in this list is another reason why Batman – Caped Crusader is the best UR in the game.

Sorry, just wanted to say that again.

One of the Battle Cards that truly shines in this deck is Spc 2 – C39. This card is able to shut off a character’s effects for a full turn, which comes in handy in more match-ups than you might think. Be sure to squeeze that card into more of your Special-based decks!

The Events are fairly standard for this strategy. As stated above, we are running a full playset of Rise and Transfer to act as removal/recursive spells. Point Blank is incredible in any deck running multiple Rank 7 characters. A cool combo here is using your Alfred to fetch a character with a Stat of 7, then using Point Blank to draw 3 cards and discard the character you tutored. Mmmm.. combos.

The Verdict

You will for sure see Batman and Starfire making their marks on the Meta. As OP season quickly approaches, we will definitely start to see more and more control strategies, and I for one think that Starfire Control will be one of those premier decks in the Meta.

Going forward, now that I have unlocked the next level, I will probably spend the next week on a deck that combats this type of strategy yet again. John Constantine is a great start and I look forward to sharing that deck with you guys the next time around.

Remember, while you’re asleep, I’m Gittin’ Gud!

And as always, please observe the two-drink minimum.

Later scrubs.

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